Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finally adding some new content

So I have been very busy with freelance and some other projects the last few months and always forget to update my blog.


Here is a collection of a bunch of stuff I have been working on.



Saturday, December 3, 2011

Some more work

Here is some more stuff. A lot of high poly stuff, baked down. Thinking of going back and doing zbrush passes and redoing all the materials on some of it.






The settings I usually use in max for my grid / environment /modular work.






Mass Effect inspired art. This is the high poly… Time for some bakes and materials.






Some work I've been doing lately

Been kinda busy the last few months and haven’t shared a lot of work but here is an update on some stuff I’ve been playing with, tests, small projects, etc.


So here goes.


The scenes below were created in 3DS Max 2012, textured with Photoshop and rendered in Unity Pro 3.4. Target platform was for web and iOS devices. Effects and settings could be toggled depending on device.

Total scene was kept below 50k triangles including sideline props, lighting fx and variant cards for stadium to add specific team branding. The textures consist of diffuse and diffuse with alpha only. All lighting was baked into lightmaps using Unitys included Beast lighting system.

The environment was also set up to be customized via programmed inputs to swap out the end zone cards, mid field logos, goal post wraps and stadium walls wraps with home team logos and names. Each team was given it's own team texture / decal sheet that was called based off the home team loaded and the correct materials were applied at run time. Ad space was also configured to be driven via external script and could be swapped out for localized ad display or to add variation to the ads seen.

Along with modeling (everything except the side line props), texturing, lighting and assembling this scene in Unity I was also responsible for the design of the stadium, new shaders (which I will try to cover later) I created in Unity to achieve effects that were not readily available with the default shaders. I had to balance memory constraints and budgets while trying to also achieve the highest quality in visuals available for the target devices.

This was my first experience with both Unity and web/iOS development. I was quickly impressed with Unity and it’s toolset and what I could get to run on the web and iOS devices while maintaining a decent frame rate.





Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Latest

Over the last few months I've been working in Unity for my current job. Huge difference compared to what I have been used to with UDK. At first I was a bit turned off by Unity and it felt sluggish and backwards in a few ways and perhaps this was because I was so used to using Unreal or UDK for so long.


I've taken the dive right in and been working on making my life easier for production. This has involved writing custom shaders, a few plug ins, tweaking pre-built shaders that shipped with Unity and a few other things. Our games target platfrom is web based and mobile (iOS/android) so that was a huge step back from the AAA high poly, high res world of console dev but it is a nice change. Pushing the tech of the iphone and ipad is quite fun. While it's no ps3 I am able to get some really nice visuals and presentation in my scenes and confident going forward they will start to look even better as I get a better handle over the tech.


Hopefully I'll be able to share some updates and work walk through stuff soon.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Holy it's been a while

Been way too long since I've updated, but I've been quite busy. Had a lot of freelance work the last few months (can't share yet but it's nice stuff) and took a full time gig as Senior Environment Artist working @ Game Time Live on Check it out. I'm responsible for all the stadium designs and concepts, modeling, texturing, lighting and implementing through Unity.

Also working on a new folio and some really exciting pieces. More updates to come very shortly.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Retro Art Decoish Pistol Loving

Been working on this a bit here and there the past few days. Having some fun with it.



Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Base material updates

Ok so after some redoing here it is. Got a little help from a buddy that was showing me how to just use simple materials from the very beginning and work on their values and the results speak for themselves I think.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Laying in the mats...

Starting to work on the base materials and color scheme for this bad boy...



Time to texture

Time to move on to the materials for this bad boy...



Baking and baking...

There are a few spots to clean up but looks like the results came out pretty nicely.


Time to start texturing this beast...